Control Your Habits or They Will Control You

Bryan Dodge

Bryan Dodge

by Bryan Dodge

We all have a set of habits we’ve fallen into over the years. Many of these habits are great: when dinner is done, you automatically get up to help with the dishes, or when the Girl Scouts come to your door selling cookies, you’re automatically generous. Maybe you’re great about taking care of your body and you work out regularly. Or you’re the person in your group of high school friends who does the best job staying in touch.

On the other side of that, there are the habits you aren’t as proud of. Maybe you’re not good with money, or you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day. You might eat too much sugar, or you have an addiction to caffeine.

Your beliefs are one thing, but your habits are the sum total of what you are as a person, day-to-day. Show me your habits—and the people you spend your time with—and I’ll show you where you are in life.

The point here is not for me to make a judgment about your habits. I just want to put you in a position to make an honest assessment about your own habits. I want you to make a conscious decision to pick habits you’re going to have. Once you do that, you’ve taken control of your life, instead of letting your habits control you.

If you think I’m getting ready tell you about all things you’re going to have to stop doing because they’re bad for you, you’re 100 percent wrong. Certain habits are bad for you physically (like smoking or eating too much) and financially (charging more than you can afford on a credit card). But like I said before, my goal in this month’s e-Zine is to get you to see what you’re doing day-in and day-out, and make conscious decisions about whether or not to do them. Don’t just fall into a mindless rut of habits.

Human nature is very basic. We are all pleasure-driven. We like to do things that make us feel good—even if the long-term impact is negative. Always remember nothing in your life is going to change until you change. Once you change, it allows other parts of your life to change for the better. Start by changing a bad habit, it will make your life better. Make that change in 48 hours and then you will control the habit.

Bryan J. Dodge

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