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Looking for a reliable courier service in Austin? CitySprint & MedSprint, one of the top courier companies in Texas is just the company you’re looking for.

CitySprint & MedSprint specialize in medical courier services and courier logistics and is well-known for its fast and efficient delivery service in various locations in Texas as well. Residents in Austin have been enjoying our brand of service too!

  • Medical Specimen Delivery
  • Hospital System Courier Services
  • Pharmaceutical Courier
  • Fleet Outsourcing Services
  • Rent-a-Courier
  • Critical Parts and Supplies

Being experts at medical deliveries mean that we are precise and efficient in our methods in order to meet hospital and patient needs in time-critical situations. Aside from actual experience, our courier team is supported by our top of class technology platform for maximum service efficiency. We are also certified in the industry:

Our experience in the medical courier service has greatly benefited our clients who want to have their personal items delivered in the most efficient and secure way possible. Our clients also have the option of filling-out a delivery request online any time of the day or year. Once processed, we can track and monitor deliverables in real-time.

  • Available 24/7
  • No voice mail, only live calls
  • Trained and experienced team of couriers
  • Latest technology platform
  • Wide coverage of courier services

With CitySprint & MedSprint’s proven track record, expert courier staff, and advanced technology to back it up, you can be sure that all your delivery needs will be satisfied. Best of all, here in Austin we’re just a phone call away.

Contact CitySprint – Austin

1999 GulfmartSte 516
San Antonio, Texas 78217


Toll Free Phone Number:
1-800-DELIVER (335-4837)

Local Phone Number: 214-871-2300

Fax Number: 214-871-0099

Please use the contact form on our dedicated page and one of our specialists will contact you back.

Let CitySprint & MedSprint handle your next delivery in Austin!

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