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CitySprint has invested in the most advanced delivery and route management technology available today in the delivery industry. Our internet based software system allows for full integration between our company, customers’ software, and courier’s communication devices.

We invest in technology that creates value to our most important resource: the Customer.

Reduce Costs,
Optimize Productivity,
Improve Customer Service

CitySprint “I” Tracking Internet order entry and tracking

A custom designed service feature that enables customer access to their account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Enter order
  • Track orders
  • Track routes
  • Track pieces by customer reference
  • View real time proof of delivery
  • Review invoicing and run reports

Bar Code Scanning and Piece Tracking

Tailored to keep you connected to your shipments and deliveries, our scanning system is designed to facilitate the complete chain-of-custody of the deliveries, eliminating mistakes. Detailed delivery information including bar code and route data is uploaded prior to leaving your facility and is scanned at each delivery destination, POD is recorded and can be viewed via custom reports or through the CitySprint website.

Medical Piece Tracking

Our technology allows us to track each specimen by customer’s tracking number; record specimen type and temperature such as ambient, refrigerated and frozen. Customers are able to track this information on the web through our web portal.

Electronic Signature Capture

This device allows our drivers to capture customer signatures, scan bar code tracking information, and transmit delivery status information real time. The results are our customers can track deliveries, receive the most updated information available, and complete proof of delivery. CitySprint customers receive digitized signatures of the person who signed for the delivery and all information associated with the delivery. The system creates official proof of delivery, increases productivity through the reduction of paperwork management.

Global Positioning Systems

We utilize devices that have Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to monitor and analyze the routes and deliveries to reduce your costs of delivery and to provide better customer service. CitySprint GPS allows our trained dispatch personnel to track couriers and routes stop by stop.

Route Optimization

The shortest distance between two points is not always a straight line. Our staff of experts utilizes the latest advanced mapping technology to develop the most effective and cost efficient delivery system – designed to deliver profit to your bottom line. Once on board, we continuously audit and re-examine existing routes to help us improve and look for additional ways to keep customer service up and expenses down resulting in improving your bottom line.

Real Time Digital Communication

Always connected every minute of every day, we utilize the latest state of the art technology. Our devices provide two-way voice and data communication to all couriers. Delivery information is sent to the courier’s mobile device and each delivery is cleared real time capturing live signatures from the client that can be instantly viewed on the internet.

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