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“We had bid out our courier service two years ago and chose the lowest cost provider. After several bad experiences, we contacted CitySprint to help us out. You have more than exceeded our expectations with the professionalism of your drivers, the accuracy and on-time delivery of our shipments, and your state-of-the art technology that saves us time. We highly recommend CitySprint! “
Children's Medical Center


“Our Mission states that we exist to save and improve lives by providing organs and tissues for transplantation. With your staff’s assistance, we are able to make our Mission a reality”
Southwest Transplant Alliance


“We have learned the best tricks of the trade from CitySprint and have adopted many of their standard operating procedures as our own. They are without a doubt the leader in their industry.”


“We have used City Sprint for several years now and have been very pleased with their ability to meet our business needs.  They are prompt, flexible, and price competitive.  Whenever we are in a bind, typically our first call is to City Sprint for both scheduled and unscheduled services for our area. “ 
Clinical Pathology Laboratoires


“Our US Bioservices location in Frisco, TX received a phone call from a man located in Florida who was frantically attempting to source a life-saving medication for his critically ill father who was located outside of the United States. He had already arranged for an international flight for the following afternoon and desperately needed to receive the medication before his flight departed.

While US Bioservices did not have the required medication in stock, they took it upon themselves to reach out to their sister companies in the hopes of locating the medication. ASD Healthcare was able to locate the medication at a local hospital. The ASD associate immediately made arrangements with the hospital, then contacted CitySprint to arrange for a courier to retrieve the medication and bring it back to US Bioservices to ship overnight to the patient’s son in the hopes that it would make it before his flight was scheduled to depart……

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of not only the US Bioservices and ASD Healthcare representatives, but to the local hospital and the CitySprint driver, the medication made it to the patient in time to save his life.”

US Bioservices


CitySprint played a vital part in physically retrieving and delivering this shipment in order to save a life. ASD is especially thankful to partner with a courier company who always goes the extra mile to get the most important job done!
ASD Healthcare AmerisourceBergen


“Over the last two years we have experienced a continuous high level of service that past couriers have not been able to match. Other courier companies have knocked on our door, but I see no reason to use anyone else. Keep up the great service.”
Gulfstream Aerospace